who we are

We first met many years ago while still studying in college, and have been married since 2008. Being a part of Canterbury Vineyard since its early days, in 2011 we began to feel a calling for us to start a Vineyard church, and we moved to Herne Bay in the summer of 2015 after being in Canterbury for nearly ten years.
We love meeting people, particularly with food or coffee (or both!) involved, and are excited about starting a new church for Herne Bay.


I grew up in Portsmouth and stayed there until I was 18 and left to go to university.
I grew up in an anglican church and in my teens gave my life to Jesus on an Alpha course. I have always been involved in music with the church, and studied music at university in Guildford then trained as a music teacher in Canterbury.
I worked for a university college for a few years, and then in 2011 had the itch to do something new. I loved coffee and in particular the new specialty coffee scene which hadn’t really made its way to Kent yet, so opening a coffee shop seemed like a good idea and a new challenge. We opened in 2012 and grew fast, making a lot of friends and learning a lot about coffee and starting and running a business along the way. In 2014 we decided to sell the business in order to free up time to pursue planting a church, and moved to Herne Bay the next year.

I continue to work in coffee, now overseeing coffee quality and commercial development for a specialty coffee chain, and am loving getting to know Herne Bay and getting involved in its regeneration. 


I was born in Surrey but moved to the south coast, near to Portsmouth just before I hit my teens. I moved to Canterbury for university in 2005, with Josh moving the following year. We married in 2008 and a couple of years later I was settled working as a private singing teaching and as the worship team leader at Canterbury Vineyard church. I am a mum to our hilarious, fun and spirited children Boaz and Beth.

My relationship with Jesus began at a very young age. I was brought up in a Christian, church-going family but nonetheless loved Jesus and had a faith separate to my parents’. Throughout my life I have been a part of various different churches and denominations but the Vineyard has always felt like home and where I belong. I am passionate about worship and God’s ability to bring freedom and healing to peoples’ lives. 

Our Vision

We want to be a church that doesn’t just ‘do church’. When Jesus was on the earth he said he had come so that we could have life and have it to the fullest. Together we’re exploring what that looks like for our town of Herne Bay and the people who live here.

We believe God loves, saves, and transforms people, and those people gathered together following Jesus, doing the stuff of God’s kingdom, will affect their homes, workplaces and community. 

Loved by God

What does it mean that God loves us
and what difference should it make to you?


God loves you - no matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you think of yourself.

Our vision is to be a church were people can experience God’s life-changing love free from religious expectations and pressure, explore the incredible story of Jesus’ life and engage in how that can change our lives today.

Living Well

In the midst of lives of busyness and distraction, how can you involve God in everyday life, and what did Jesus mean when he said he had come so that we could have life and live it to the full?

Living Well

We believe that life is best lived with Jesus at the centre and so our vision is for us to wholeheartedly follow Jesus, discovering the fullness of life that He came to bring and learning from the wisdom in the Bible. We want to challenge and encourage people into a life that's more adventurous than they've known before, growing into a community that doesn’t just ‘do church', doesn’t just go to church, but is the church.

Loving Others

Is the ‘good news’ good news for some, or for everyone, and how can we as a Church make a real difference in our town?

Loving Others

Jesus gave a simple command, to love others as He loves us. To love the people in the parts of Herne Bay that are in the top 20% most deprived areas in the UK, and to love the people for whom day to day life looks a bit easier. Love often looks like something practical, and we are committed to being a part of Herne Bay’s regeneration and seeing our town flourish and thrive.


Come and hang out with us!

We run regular events and activities across Herne Bay for anyone to come to. Usually they're free - and more importantly they're always packed with fun! We'd love to welcome you to hang out with us. Check out the next events and let us know you're coming!